~ Back To Back Shed Row ~

When the exterior doors are closed, your horses are sheltered from the cold. However, when doors are left open, it provides superior ventilation.

  • can be used in any climate
  • works will in areas where space is limited
  • overhang can be from 4 to 12 feet

The economic, back to back barn style shares a common wall, allowing it to fit more horses under a common roof.

Standard Features include:
  • Galvanized Steel Tube Frame
  • Select 2" x 6" Tongue and Groove siding
  • Painted Steel Roofing with many colors to choose from
  • Sliding Dutch Doors with galvanized grill or solid fronts
  • Swing out feed doors
  • Installation
  • Pre-engineered plans
  • Pier Foundation
  • 12' by 12' stalls
  • 2:12 roof pitch
  • 4' overhang
Optional Features include:
  • stalls as long as 12' x 24'
  • roof pitches up to 6:12
  • overhang up to 12'